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Datum: 26.06.2019, 21:27 Uhr
The premium octane booster
MTBE for flawless production

Evonik Performance Materials works with valuable chemical components. Highly qualified employees have a lot of experiences and provide an overall service. The production involves C4-based materials for rubbers, plastics and specialty chemicals markets. Besides these ones the products are put to work for example in lubricants, as gasoline additives, in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Evonik serves customers all over the world.

Isobutane for synthetic rubber

Rubber and PE monomers are important for synthetic rubber, lattices and high-quality plastics. With 1,3 Butadiene, Butene-1, Isobutane, n-Butane and Hydrogen there is a huge repertoire. The areas of application for these components are diverse. It can be used in disposable gloves and tires. For many customers it is relevant how they can get access to the final goods. Our company offers a transportation with seagoing vessels, barges, rail tank cars, trucks, tank containers and iso-containers. With that, every special need is ensured. With constantly developments of new substances and materials we try to bring helpful innovations to the market.

Manufacturing soft-PVC with 2 PH

The oxo alcohols INA and 2 PH are important raw material components for many manufacturers. They can be shipped on several transportation ways. Plasticizers and Sufactants are the main application for INA and 2 PH. The fuser ELATUR DPT can be used for flooring, wall covering and films. The production amount of 450,000 tons of isononyl and 2-propylheptanol each year shows the experiences of Evonik Performance Materials. Most of the components are processed into everyday products.

For further information click on https://c4-chemicals.evonik.com/product/performance-intermediates/en/ [Link...]

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